Welcome to our Vendors

CaribFest attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. It’s proven to be a lucrative opportunity for established food services enterprises with the ability to assemble a team and serve food to a large crowd. If you’ve never joined us before or just starting out, this is an amazing opportunity to introduce your food services to an engaged and diverse audience.

‘Vendor’ Status

To qualify for vendor status, the “promotional” vendor must agree to obtain Liability Insurance, Business License as well as health Permit as applicable (if serving food).

  • Please apply using the Vendor Application available.
  • See Vendor Rules link on sidebar

Mobiles and Kiosks

A number of smaller kiosk, snow cones and convenience food vendors occupy Town Point Park during CaribFest each year.

To qualify for vendor status in this category, the supply and/or sale of goods must be from within a fully self-contained unit licensed for that purpose.

You must submit both a Vendor Application and a Temporary Food Services Permit Application.

Where to send your application

Food & Beverage Concessions Coordinator, P.O. Box 10004 Norfolk, Virginia, 23513

Please allow sufficient time for a response before following up on your application.

Vendor Application

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Please download and fill out the relevant forms. All forms Golden Goose Superstar Pas Cher are in PDF format. Return to the
Virginia Carnival Committee (VCC).

City of Norfolk Vendor Agreement City of Norfolk Business License CaribFest Vendor Application CaribFest Vendor Rules
Download Vendor Survey Form

Attention: Special Notice Please Read

Disclaimer: It is understood and agreed that Vendors, its agents and/or assigns shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend Virginia Caribbean-American Cultural Association Inc. (VCACA,Inc.), its corporate sponsors, the City of Norfolk, Norfolk Festevents Ltd., their agents, volunteers, officers and employees from all liability and or expense, including attorney’s fees for loss or damage by reason of fire, vandalism, theft, water, natural disaster, or injury to any person or property in any manner arising out of or incident to this Vendor Agreement or the performance of its terms and provisions.

Vendor shall be solely responsible for securing, at his/her sole wxpwnse, workers’ compensation insurance, disability benefits insurance and any other insurance as may be required by law.

Contact Pat at 757.766-0532 or email info@vcaca.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the process?

You may download the vendor application to apply for a booth space.  Vending fees represent space rental only.  Fees include electrical and water outlets and usage, overnight security and event security.

Return the application with all of the requested information as soon as possible so that your company can be considered equally among all applicants.  If you are applying after June you might be denied due to space constraints or menu/item duplication.

Our Concessions Committee will select the vendors based on quality and variety of products, site appearance, past experience and originality.  For specific information, please refer to the vendor application form.

The standard tent size is 10′ x 10′ for retail and 15′ x 15′ for food, but we can accommodate almost any size operation.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, your company must sign a standard lease agreement with the CaribFest Committee.  This lease agreement protects each of us from any legal circumstances that may arise from your company’s participation.

The lease agreement is due to CaribFest Committee six weeks prior to the event.  Full payment is due with the lease agreement.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, every vendor must carry liability insurance with minimum policy limits of $1,000,000.00 for damage to property.  Insurance must include products liability.

Upon acceptance into an event, the City of Norfolk, Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Norfolk Festevents, Ltd., VCACA, Inc. their agents, volunteers, officers and employees must be named as additional insurers.  A valid certificate of insurance is due with the lease agreement.

What permits do I need?

Upon acceptance, every vendor needs a license to do business in the City of Norfolk.  Contact the Commissioner of Revenue at 757-441-2271 for more information regarding a business license and tax payments.

Upon acceptance, every food vendor must have a temporary food permit on file with the Norfolk Department of Public Health.  Contact the Norfolk Dept. of Public Health at 757-683-2700 for more information regarding a temporary food permit.  Participation in any event is contingent upon meeting the requirements of these two City of Norfolk departments.

Does CaribFest have ice available?

Yes, we will have ice available for sale to vendors.  CaribFest will collect payment for ice purchased at that time.  You can also bring ice with you, if you’d like.  We offer ice on-site as a convenience to our food vendors and ice sales are not one of our income sources.  Park power limits make it impractical for a food vendor to operate an ice machine on-site.

Do any sponsors have exclusive sales rights?

CaribFest reserves the right to secure and offer exclusive rights to sponsors in any other category.  Upon acceptance, you will be notified of our sponsors’ exclusive sales rights and you will be required to purchase only these items if you choose to serve them.